White Kitchen Cabinet at Small Room

if you want to look for a kitchen cabinet design at a small room you can use this design like at the picture.

This simple kitchen cabinet uses a dominant white color which tends to beige. make it look bright during the day because this kitchen has a window with very adequate lighting.

The kitchen cabinet is equipped with a black colored countertop which I expect from marble so it looks sturdy when you use it for cooking.

the kitchen was given ornaments and the words “eat” I do not know what the purpose is but enough to make this simple kitchen more lively

decoration above the window as an ornament that makes your kitchen more beautiful, beautiful to be enjoyed.

Brown wood floor with lacquered finish makes a classic impression and is easy to clean.

This kitchen cabinet forms an angle so that it utilizes the shape of existing space.

to maximize the available space, also used a kitchen cabinet that is hung on the wall.

You can maximize it even more, for example by providing a clip or whiteboard as a place to leave messages to your family.

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